Sunday Special

Psalm 118 ‘This is the day that the LORD has made we will rejoice and be glad in it’.(NKJV)

As we all consider this morning whether we should be self isolating for the better of the wider community, our dear precious Church family, the weak and the vulnerable particularly our little babes and our older folk.

Can we really depend on the above verse or do we purely consider it a nice Christian platitude to attempt to bring some hope into a hopeless situation?

When Israel sang this song it was often sung when they were rebuilding the temple or when they were heading into a particular difficult battle. It was a reminder that they were not their own, that they belonged to the living God, it was also a picture into the future of a one who would come and take the place of the sinful, proud people who could do no right on their own.

So as we consider this verse this morning, in the reality that many feel battle scarred and without hope, let us take on the armour of this verse to ready us for the battle ahead, bringing certain hope to a lost and broken world.

A world that needs to know that our confidence in self will always destroy but our confidence in Christ will always build up and join us together in the very kingdom of God.

So let our battle cry of ‘ This IS (without God there would be no day) the day that the LORD has made (there is much for us to learn about ourselves and God through the experiences/trials we have to face this day). We WILL (a mindset and heart attitude) rejoice (worship God) and be glad (grateful) in it (the battle of the day).

After all in Christ it is sin that is defeated not us.

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