Our God is a great big God

Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels.com

The title of today’s blog comes from a children’s worship song many of us sing in our churches and homes.  It speaks of ‘our’ God who is mighty and strong.  In this child’s song we get a hint that God has a relationship with the people he created, but before we jump ahead and consider our relationship with God, we need to go back to our investigation from our blog a few weeks ago.

How did God create the heavens and earth?

God’s creative power

Genesis 1 v 3 ‘God said, ‘Let there be light’ and there was light’. NIV

This is how God created, did you notice?  It seems quite quiet doesn’t it?  This incredible life-giving moment seems to happen without much fuss.  The key to understanding how God did this incredible miracle of life is through the word ‘LET’.  This simple word tells us that all God had to do to bring forth all that we would require for life is He spoke.

Throughout this chapter, at each stage of creation, we see the simple but powerful word of LET at the beginning of each instruction.

This is the power our God in heaven has, He speaks, and the heavens and earth respond in obedience.  The sky, stars, planets, land and water all do exactly what God commands them to do.  As he speaks commands of separation and filling, the heavens and earth obediently do what they were created to do.

God’s declaration

Genesis 1:25 ‘And God saw that it was good’.

God made this declaration about all he had created, day and night, land and sea, plants and vegetation, stars and planets, creatures of the air and sea all created in the kinds that God defined them to be. 

In this small sentence we are seeing that God is not only creator but is also the judge of all he has created.  He creates and He decides its contribution to his kingdom.  God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) declares that all he has created is ‘good’.

In that goodness we see a completedness, a place in time that all God had created was complete and needed nothing else. We also see a reflection of God within His creation, creation was declared good because God himself is good. All goodness comes from Him and Him alone.

God’s people

Our bodies obediently formed into the intricate complex bodies that we have been blessed with, that without God’s power to create would not exist.  So why can’t we as humanity obediently put our lives into the hands of our Creator God who without his care and attention to how he creates, we would have no life.

If only humanity could have done what creation did, obediently do what they were created to do.

God created us differently to the rest of creation as he created us in His image (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) which brings additional blessing but also additional responsibility.  In Genesis 1:31 there is a sense of humanity completing creation as God’s declaration is now ‘it is very good’.  However, there is another factor at work too and in future blogs we will consider why we have a natural unwillingness to trust the God who created us.

But for today read through Genesis 1 and wonder at what God created and how he created all that we see around us.

Psalm 19: 1 The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands’.

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