Growing in Christ

I sit here looking out on my garden with joy as I see the glorious line of daffodils across my garden wall interspersed with pansies.  I remember planting these last year with the hope of seeing a flush of colour along a boring wall and now I have the benefit of that moment of labour.

They are flowering at a time when I’m contemplating my standing with Christ, do I represent Him well, are my constant struggles with sin limiting who I am in Him, how do I know I am doing what He has planned for me to do?

In one sense I don’t, I wasn’t the one who laboured to grow me, I wasn’t the one who planted the seed of my beginning but on the other hand I am the one who blooms to display His glory to serve Him well. 

As I consider this, I am struck by the truth that it is actually Christ who labours to grow me into His likeness, which shines a light on the truth that my job is to seek Him for my nourishment, to seek Him for watering, to send shoots deep into his word so that I know His purposes for me and to seek His rest as I work to serve Him well.

As I watch these yellow beauties flowing in the wind looking content with their lot, confident in their purpose to shine brightly bringing nectar to the bees, I have much to learn of the joys of Christ’s purposes in me and through me.

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