Hope eternal

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see Hebrews 11:1 (niv)

What do you put your hope in?   I was faced with this question this morning as I walked to collect my Granddaughter to take her to school.

If anyone had asked me this question I would have given a resounding ‘The Lord Jesus’ for there is no greater hope.  But was this true, was I living as if my life depended on Christ?

Well, the honest answer was No I’m not.

My hope is found in all those things that constantly grab for my attention.

Cakes, sweets, chocolate, wine, tv, having a better body, exercise to counteract the cakes and sweets, wanting others to like me, fitting in, standing out, reaching my goal weight, living the perfect life, having an immaculate home, having kids who constantly show respect, having a husband who considers me above all else, being the best version of me, giving the right answer, knowing stuff, in fact being completely honest I’m obsessed with ME!

Isn’t this our human dilemma? isn’t this the Christian dilemma? We know we shouldn’t obsess about self but the more we try not to the more we do.

I’ve tried giving up the stuff that so easily entangles me into sin, into selfishness.  I turn my heart to helping others, to share Jesus with others, to eat well and look after the body God has blessed me with.  But it doesn’t last long, in the darkness of life I hide away and wish I could be a better person, I could make better choices.

But this morning something changed, the reality of this verse transformed my heart and brought clarity to my mind.

My hope, the things that constantly grabbed my attention were all things in the here and now, they were things that I can see.  But Father God, in his word, is showing all of us that our true hope, our blessed hope, our eternal hope is hope in Christ who is seated at the right hand of the Father in heaven. 

We can not see him but our confidence in him brings a hope that brings peace to our souls, brings a purpose in our step and brings a love for others to know Christ and set their hope in Him.

I pray for all of us that our faith and trust isn’t set on the things we can see or on the things we wish we had but in the eternal hope that only Christ brings.

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